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Enabling location on LUGO

Our vision for LUGO was to provide users the right information at the right time in their daily lives. When you are near a bus stop, you will instantly see bus arrival times at that stop. When it is nearing lunch time, you will see food suggestions near you. In the coming new version, LUGO […] Read more

Aug, 28, 2018


HUGO is now LUGO!​

INTRODUCTION We got some exciting news to share today – HUGO is now LUGO! Well, LUGO started off as a journey assistant aimed at helping you optimise your travels. We went beyond most journey planners to provide you a comprehensive list of transport options, from different modes to least number of journey legs, so that […] Read more

Jun, 26, 2018


Get interesting updates on the go!

Hi folks! Welcome to our brand-new website, and also, our very first blog post. We hope you will find whatever you want to know about HUGO easily here. We will share our thoughts and plans for HUGO here, so follow this blog for the latest updates! Till today, HUGO helps daily commuters by providing real-time […] Read more

Jun, 24, 2018