Keeping What Matters With Preferences

When users star their stops or set their home and work locations, this information is stored under My Favourites. This gives users a place to edit this information when they need. From today, we are renaming this to Preferences, and adding a new category within, called Articles. 


When users see an article on the livefeed or timeline that they want to save or read later, they simply have to tap on the ‘star’ button. From today, all articles will have this button.


Starred articles are found in the Preferences section under Articles.

As you can see above, Preferences has replaced My Favourites in the menu. Services and Places are now found there. 

Preferences offers a one-stop place for users to keep what matters. We will enhance what Preferences can do in the future, all to help you get to the information you want, faster. 

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We also made an update on how push notification displays articles. Now you can see more details such as the source and headline. If there is more than one article, you will be able preview them on the notification drawer with a single tap.

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May, 31, 2019