Local Happenings: Pioneering Smarter News Delivery

We are constantly finding better ways for LUGO to deliver information. When users tune in to Local Happenings now, they receive location-based news from a variety of sources. For example, when there is a Channel NewsAsia article about a dengue outbreak in Bedok, users in Bedok will be informed. This ensures that users won’t miss out on important news updates about the places they go regularly.

Today, LUGO users will start to see more than just location-based news. 

Reading made relevant

Based on what you have read before, LUGO is able to learn the topics you are interested in. It will then alert you to new stories based on these topics next time.

And when there’s a new development to the story, LUGO will update you!

It remembers which stories you have read. Whenever you open the app, LUGO shows you what is new since you last visited. Don’t waste time browsing what you have seen before. 

LUGO knows when there is a number of news outlets reporting on the same story. This story is likely to be important and is marked as headline news. 

And when there is a large number of users reading a story, LUGO alerts you that this is trending. 

You will see other relevant ways news are delivered as you use LUGO more. Even though we are extending our coverage to include more than just location-based news, LUGO’s focus on personalisation remains the same. We are excited about this update and hope you will discover more useful information in Local Happenings.

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Apr, 17, 2019