We revamped trip planning and integrate more transport data into LUGO

It has always been our dream to include transport data from the whole of Malaysia in to LUGO app, and we are excited to announce that we are getting there! We have successfully integrated with data by Ministry of Transport Malaysia and it’s currently in testing phase before we roll it out in the next release.

In the past, we realised some icons that we show may be confusing to users, so a legend is added to the bottom of every stop screen to let you know what each icon represents.

You can also check the stop for any announcements for tapping on “Notice Board” and to report issue at the stop via “Report issue”. 

The interface has also been cleaned up to focus on the most important – bus arrival timings. From the options button (3 dots vertically), you can:

1. Add the bus service at the stop as favourite

2. See details of the route

3. More bus timings

You can still track the whereabouts of the bus by tapping on “Location” and you will see the current location of the bus(es) that are on route to the particular stop.

We understand that it may be frustrating to always need to type the starting point or destination when you try to plan a trip, so now the addresses you have typed before can be found under “Recent”. You can also add these places as favourites so a tap is all you need to plan a trip in future!

The route options are simplified now, and the information shown are streamlined based on the options you have set. If you want to turn on or off transport types, simply tap on Options > Transport types.

We certainly hope these small changes will bring you delight in your travel journey!

Update LUGO to the latest version here.

If you have any feedback or suggestion for us, please send them to support@lugo.live

Apr, 09, 2024