Count (on) LUGO’s friends

We unveiled Ask Assistant in the last release for users to access services in double quick time. By detecting location and channels, the Ask Assistant shows upfront services that users are likely to use. We have seen positive response since the release, with more users choosing Ask Assistant as their preferred way to navigate the app.

Today, we are extending the Ask Assistant to two of LUGO’s friends. Introducing Causeway Link and ManjaLink bots!

You can recognise them by their avatars on the purple bar. Each bot has its own suite of services. To get more bots, simply tap on the add button, and follow in the next screen. Now users can access more services on the first screen they see.

So what’s going to happen to Channels? You will still be able to access them under each bot. Think of them just like any other service.

Channels under LUGO bot currently. You will need to tune in to a channel to get information from it.
The Manjalink bot has its own channel called "View Updates" and a Link Account service.

Bots form a core part of the user experience and more of them will be introduced in the future with different services. With LUGO and friends, we know the app will become more reliable than ever before. 

Bots and services are now available on both Play and App Store.

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Nov, 13, 2019