Want free WiFi? Ask LUGO.

Watch Korean dramas, listen to Spotify and browse social media. These are the things users commonly do while commuting here. And when you are taking the bus across the Causeway or Second Link, both among the busiest border crossings in the world, it helps that there is free internet to power your entertainment.

We are always building new capabilities to help our users. That’s why from today, we are partnering Causeway Link to offer free WiFi to LUGO users on three of their cross-border bus services. This WiFi service is available on CW1, CW2, CW5, CW6 and CW7. More routes will be covered in the future.

Whenever you are near a stop serving the three services, simply connect with Causeway Link bot, and the button to tap to get WiFi will appear.


Simply tap on the “Get WiFi Pass” button”, then board any of the selected buses and you will be automatically connected. You can find detailed instructions on how to connect here.

If you noticed something new in the image above, you are right. We also launched Ask Assistant, a place where you can request services from LUGO fast. Based on your location and channel information, LUGO shows you services available to you at the moment.

Other than free WiFi service, you can ask what are the nearest bus services, plan a trip to somewhere, or receive more news stories in your city. This takes LUGO a step closer in becoming a one-stop place for smart services in your city, without installing more apps.  

What other services do you want to see from LUGO? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

Jul, 12, 2019