Get updated on VTL info with LUGO

With the re-opening of borders between Malaysia and Singapore, many of us are excited to head home and be reunited with our family. Due to the quota set for the number of travellers per day, it’s not easy to get tickets and there are many procedures and information to digest for the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) travel.

LUGO is here to help make things a bit better for our travellers!

Connect with Causeway Link bot on LUGO app and receive notifications on ticket sales date and time, and quick links to VTL travel information.

Make sure the notification is turned on when you connect to bots after first download.

Be notified of sale of VTL tickets on Causeway Link website before it opens! You will receive notifications about the ticket sale date and time. Purchase of tickets have to be done on Causeway Link website – 

Besides sending you notification on ticket sale date and time, you can find useful information on the necessary steps to follow for a smooth VTL check-in at the immigration! 

Download LUGO and be updated with VTL land information –!


Jan, 18, 2022