Bigger and better in 2020

We had a blast working on the many features released in 2019, and we hope you enjoyed using them just as much. Things are going to be bigger and better in 2020, and that includes the next update.

After listening to your feedback, we increased the size of the bar where you choose your bots. Their names are also shown to let you get the right help faster.

Cooler now, isn’t it? We call this, the Botdesk 😉

Everything else works the same – by tapping on the avatar, the bot reveals its services.

We also grouped messages according to their channels. 

You can preview the latest message and see the number of unread messages in the channel. The new grouping better gets you to what you want to read.

This update is a preview of what is planned ahead. In the new year, expect bigger and better help from LUGO!


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Feb, 10, 2020