Channels Update for iOS

The big Channels update is now available to iOS users!
All users will have to “tune in” to channels to receive information. For example, if you tune in to “Local Suggestions”, you will see food, deals and event information at relevant times and locations.
We believe this is the best way for you to choose what you want to see. As mentioned in previous posts, LUGO decides what to show you based on a combination of factors. One of them is location. When it comes to allowing location access for apps, iOS users are allowed to choose one more option than Android users – Only While Using the App.

Why “Always Allow” is important

Some locations are more significant than others. A home, workplace or school are some examples, since people go there often in their daily lives. Any crime or traffic information specific to these locations will be useful to them. When users choose “Always Allow” location access, LUGO is able to learn and identify these important locations over time.
Choosing “Only While Using the App” dramatically limits the opportunities for LUGO to learn a user’s travelling habits, thereby affecting the usefulness and timeliness of information delivered. We encourage users to choose “Always Allow” to get the most relevant and accurate information. Rest assured that personally identifiable information is never collected. View our privacy policy to learn more.

Download the latest iOS version here

Apr, 01, 2019